WEB PORTAL – Customers have account data at their finger tips. They will enroll to Huntsville Utility’s website,, and have real time account information available. Customers can submit service requests, disconnect requests, and make payments using the portal. They can also see 12 month usage history for the water accounts they are responsible for. They can sign up for paperless billing. And they can enroll in autopay using their credit or debit cards.

AUTOPAY via WEB –  This program allows customers to enroll via their customer web portal account. Their water bill can be automatically deducted each month using a credit or debit card.

IVR PHONE PAYMENT –  This program allows customers to call (877) 653-0674 and make a one time payment using their credit or debit card.

Bank Draft – This program allows customers to have their water bill automatically deducted each month from their bank accounts. You will need to sign this FORM and turn it in with a voided check.

Bank Draft is FREE!

We do not send out delinquent notices, but we do send out courtesy calls to the primary phone number on the account. The amount is listed on your bill as BF (balance forward). If you see this on your bill, you have a past due amount.

Bills are due on the 15th of every month. If you do not receive a bill by mail, it is your responsibility to contact the office or you can login online.

Huntsville Utility is not responsible for bills being lost in the mailing process. Any past due balance not paid after the 20th, can be disconnected at anytime.

The past due amount plus a reconnection fee of $40 must be paid to restore service. This CANNOT be paid online. You will need to call or come to the office.

0 – 2000 gallons $19.70 ($21.52)

Next 8,000 gallons $10.06 per 1,000

Next 40,000 gallons $9.66 per 1,000

Next 999,999,999 $6.96 per 1,000

Please help keep your water source clean. Please report any suspicious activity or vandalism to Huntsville Utility at (423) 663-3550.

No Gas Engines / No Littering

No Alcohol / No Swimming

No Petroleum or Toxic Products on the Lake.

All boating, fishing, and gaming rules apply.

If you are unloading your boat, please pull back up and park at the top of the boat dock.

Huntsville Utility provides water only. We only bill for Town of Huntsville & Oneida Sewer. They send us their rates and we apply that to your bill.

If you have any questions concerning your sewer or sewer bill, please call (423) 663-3471 for the Town of Huntsville and (423) 569-6311 for Town of Oneida.