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Q: Why is my water bill so high?

A: You may have a leak. To check for a leak you will need to turn everything in your house off that uses water. Then go to your meter and watch the red leak indicator that is to the left of the dial, this may take several minutes if it is a slow leak, and see if it is turning. If it is, then you have a leak and will need to contact your plumber. Also see below.


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Q: When is my bill due?

A: Your bill is due the moment you receive it. The bill will go out at the middle of the month. If your bill is not paid by the 15th of the following month, you will have a 10% penalty added to your amount due. If it is not paid by the 20th it will be subject to disconnection.




Q:  I've had a leak, can I get an adjustment?


A:  Yes, you can.  You will need to bring a receipt where you had the leak fixed or any parts that you purchased to fix the leak yourself.  We will need to know the date you found the leak and the date that the leak was fixed.  Also, the usage of the leak has to be 3 times the amount of your yearly average.



Q:  Can I get an adjustment for filling a swimming pool?


A:  No, you can not.  But if you have sewer, that can be adjusted.