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Cross-Connection Survey 

The Huntsville Utility District makes every effort to ensure that our customers enjoy a continuous supply of safe drinking water. We appreciate the help of our customers to maintain the quality of our water supply. 

Cross Connections can cause the water system to become contaminated. A cross connection is a link with the public water supply and a possible source of contamination. An example of a cross connection would be a garden hose submerged in a source of contamination such as a swimming pool, car radiator or other liquid. If a water main break should occur or if a fire pumper used a fire hydrant while the hose was submerged in a source of contamination, the contaminant could be pulled back into the public water supply. This occurrence, known as backflow, can be prevented. 




One simple way to stop backflow is by using an air gap. An air gap can be created by arranging our hose so that the end is at least six inches above the top rim of the container it is being used to fill. This air gap will prevent the contaminant being siphoned into the water supply. 



 cross connect control


Another method of preventing backflow with a garden hose is using a device known as a vacuum breaker.  Vacuum breakers are inexpensive devices that can be screwed onto your outside faucet. These devices will prevent contaminants from being siphoned back into your plumbing and the public water system. 

More hazardous cross connections or cross connections created with permanently installed plumbing may require more sophisticated devices known as reduced pressure backflow preventers. These devices are much more complicated and must be tested annually by certified testers.


For more information on preventing cross connections and protecting our water supply, contact the Huntsville Utility District at 423.663.3550.

REMEMBER:  Never submerge your garden hose in anything you would not want to drink!