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The Story of Drinking Water

pouring waterThe story of drinking water begins 1000's of years ago.  People who lived during these times built their homes on lakeshores or along rivers so they would water to drink and wash in, and they could travel with ease along the water ways.  The water was much cleaner back then because there were not as many inpurities then as there are now.professor2


The Egyptians were the first people to record treatment of water.  The most common way to treat water was to boil it over a fire.  Some even dipped a hot piece of iron into the water.  Then they would filter the boiling water through sand and gravel and then allow it to cool.


What treatment is much more complex today.  This treatment makes the water safe for people to drink.  In nature, water is not always clean enough for people to drink.  Chlorine is used to clean and treat the public water supply, along with other chemiclas to kill any germs in the water.




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